Exploit Mitigation Techniques - May 2, 2006 - Tokyo

Theo de Raadt, founder and project leader of the OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects, spoke to the largest English speaking personal computer club, Tokyo PC Users Group, in Japan. His presentation gave some insight into why OpenBSD has earned an undisputed security reputation. These slides highlight the multitude of system enhancements and innovations meticulously worked on over the past ten years. Each of these changes on their own provide significant armour against exploitation of system and application bugs. However, combining these exploit mitigation technologies add layers upon layers of security in depth that protect the system from known and not yet discovered vulnerabilities that are plaguing all other operating systems and poorly written programs. This "Systems" approach to Security is just one example of many that distinguish OpenBSD in a league of its own. Similarly, it is no wonder why OpenSSH is now the de facto standard with over 90% of the SSH Servers on the Internet running OpenSSH.

Open Source Secure Wireless Networks in a Windows World
November 15, 2005 - PacSec05 - Tokyo

Wireless Networks are bliss to users and the bane of Security Administrators. As wireless technology pushes closer toward wired speeds, this will become the preferred medium for Internet access for many, if it is not already. Unfortunately, most wireless networks are insecure by default and security seems to be an afterthought for the users, hardware and software vendors alike. More over, even with security features used, most Access Points use very weak encryption, little or no authentication methods and have no built-in firewall technology. So how can businesses utilize wireless technology and still be able to protect confidential information from unauthorized access? This talk describes one Open Source solution that addresses the above security concerns.

Today there are Open Source software and systems that rival commercial alternatives. This is especially true in the Security World. The Secure Wireless Solution that will be detailed in this talk is one such example. No commercial alternative to date has proved to be as secure, has the same security track record, functionality, usability, robustness, scalability and cost savings as this Open Source solution.

Open Source in a Windows World - June 2, 2005 - Tokyo

This was presented to the Tokyo PC Users Group, the largest English speaking personal computer club in Japan. The talk included live demonstrations and examples on how companies can easily integrate Open Source, with an emphasis on OpenBSD, into their IT infrastructure to enhance security, scalability and stability, significantly reduce IT expenditures, free up computing infrastructure and move away from commercial lock-in.